# createStore

Creates a global store based on the provided model. It supports a configuration parameter to customise your store's behaviour.

import { createStore } from 'easy-peasy';

const store = createStore({
  todos: {
    items: [],

# Arguments

The following arguments are accepted:

  • model (Object, required)

    Your model representing your store.

  • config (Object, optional)

    Provides custom configuration options for your store. Please see the StoreConfig API documentation for a full list of configuration options.

# Returns

When executed, you will receive a store instance back. Please refer to the docs for details of the store's API.

Once you have a store you provide it to the StoreProvider in order to expose it to your application.

# Example

import { createStore, StoreProvider, action } from 'easy-peasy';

const model = {
  todos: {
    items: [],
    addTodo: action((state, text) => {

const store = createStore(model, {
  name: 'MyAwesomeStore',

  <StoreProvider store={store}>
    <App />