# Tutorials

These tutorials varying degrees of insight into Easy Peasy.

If this is your first time here we suggest that you jump into the Quick Start.

  • Quick Start

    The best place to start if you are a newcomer. It will give you a light and practical introduction to the primary API so that you can familiarize yourself with Easy Peasy without being overloaded with additional information.

    Taking the learnings from here you should be able to jump straight into creating and managing your own Easy Peasy powered state. Once you gained some comfort and wish for some additional insight then we would suggest coming back and working through the other tutorials as needed.

  • Primary API

    Within this tutorial we go into depth on the primary Easy Peasy API, touching on some of the important characteristics and caveats.

    This is a helpful companion to those that have adopted Easy Peasy and now wish to solidify their understanding of the library.

  • Extended API

    In this tutorial we will dive deeper into the aspects of the Easy Peasy API typically used to solve more advanced / specialized use cases.

    Utilization of these APIs should generally be the exception, rather than the rule.

  • TypeScript

    Easy Peasy comes with extensive TypeScript support, allowing you to achieve a 100% end-to-end typed experience.

    This tutorial will provide a full overview on how to combine TypeScript and Easy Peasy.